AmeriCoil's Air and Water Coil Cleaning Process

Air Cooled Coil Cleaning

  • Upon arrival, we shut the unit down from thermostat and disconnection switch.
  • All access panels to the coil are removed. Access doors leading to the air intake side of the coil can be installed if not already on the unit.
  • The Evaporator and condenser coils will be vacuumed thoroughly, and then we spray both sides of the coil using a non-abrasive cleaning chemical to eat away any dirt or blockage.
  • We then pressure wash both sides of the coil starting with the back using a 45 degree angle downward until the coil is thoroughly cleaned and all air passages have been cleared.
  • All water is then removed and unit is put back together.
  • We make sure to clean out the drain lines, drip pans and make sure the pump lines are clear of debris.
  • The unit will be put back to the settings it was prior to the cleaning.

Water Cooled Condenser Cleaning

  • The Unit is first inspected to have the appropriate piping and fittings suitable for the cleaning. Some older units may have corrosion on pipes or oxidation and should be addressed before cleaning.
  • Supply and return water piping from the tower are shut at the shut off valves to isolate the coil from the tower.
  • We then hook up a custom recirculating pump to the supply and return lines, and then circulate the necessary chemical in the opposite flow of the water tower. This will breaks up and eats away and blockage in the pipes.
  • After circulating is complete, we flush and dilute all chemical with fresh water.
  • The shut off valves to the water tower are then re-opened, the unit is turned on and head pressure readings are taking to insure proper cleaning.


We have the equipment to reach units over 500 feet away from any water source and our proprietary gun and tip combination allows us to use pressure from 1 psi to over 3000 psi depending on the situation. Also top of the line portable electric power washers with built in water tanks to do sky scraper roof tops. we can clean any coil anywhere a large volume of water cleans fast. We like that. But unfortunately large volumes of water are difficult to contain and can be deadly to exposed fan motors. We vary our volume as needed and favor lower volumes to do the job thoroughly. More and more communities are requiring that waste water be contained on-site.

AmeriCoil is your contractor of choice whether you need your condenser coils or evaporator coils cleaned. Dirt on the coils reduces the cooling ability of your unit. Cleaning coils improves energy efficiency and will extend the life of your HVAC system.

Filter Maintenance

AmeriCoil provides regularly scheduled maintenance to replace all types of HVAC air filters in commercial business operations.

Our entire staff is trained to meet all of your safety requirements and we are fully insured to provide you with both protection and peace of mind knowing that the service is being performed in a timely and efficient manner with superior filtration products. We choose the most effective filter media based on your particular needs. Ours is NOT a "One size fits all" approach.

With a large stock of filters at all times, whatever the intended application, when it comes to filters, You won't find better quality for more reasonable prices than you'll get from AmeriCoil. We do it all!

Fin Straightening

AmeriCoil also provides fin straightening service. It does no good to clean a coil that can't breathe in the first place. A coil with bent fins blocks airflow just like a dirty coil.

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